To Italy

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Coronaviruys update

Dear All
Corona Virus Announcement:
At the beginning of last week I left the studio in London where we were recording vocals for the new album and jumped on the last plane I could to Italy to join the lockdown where half my family are based. It was one of the scariest and hardest decisions of my life. I did so because I strongly believe the only way to defeat this virus is to isolate. I felt the UK government was/is in massive denial and not doing what clearly needs to be done given the global circumstances.

I believe that we need to be socially responsible not just for ourselves, but to stop the spread of this virus so that weaker people, the elderly and health workers have a chance to survive. We need to accept life as we know it will go on hold for a short while as the numbers inevitably rise. This is our chance to (ironically) unify by isolation. It is our chance to rise up too in solidarity, with love and faith in each other, with belief in our ability to conquer this virus by staying isolated for as long as it takes…

I want to show my infinite gratitude to the doctors, nurses, cleaners, working in our hospitals all over the world, trying as best they can to deal with this and to all of you, wonderful people out there, who are choosing to put your lives on hold to help fight this virus.

Love Bird xxx